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We welcome you to TODE Martial Arts Organization



   In our webpage you will find information regarding the Organization, the systems taught (Shorin Ryu Karate Do, Okinawan Kobudo), Martial Arts in general, historical data, articles, photos, videos.

Martial Arts are, besides a form of exercise, a way of life for us. Exercise within a safe and positive environment, guided by principles, is a means to self – development.  .


 What is the goal of TODE Organization?

The Organization's goal is:

1.Exercise, teaching and research of Shorin Ryu Karate Do and Okinawan Kobudo systems.

2.Analysis and incorporation of different martial techniques, broadening of knowledge and exercise spectrum.

3.Sophistication of body and soul virtues.

4.The creation of a healthy, open community.


What are the basic principles of TODE Organization training plan?
The teaching approach in karate and kobudo is based on principles and has three stages:

1. Survive on basics
2. Learn and comprehend principles
3. Practise and research

These three stages have specified steps and given learning time.

The teaching is structured, from simple to complex. The needs of every level (beginner, intermediate and advanced) are different. Therefore, classes are defined by experience, years of exercise or age (children – adult).
Also through training, one is taught the way and the method to learn and research.

What are the benefits of exercise?

Through exercising with us: learn to defend yourself improve your fitness and health develop your kinetic qualities (harmony, coordination, agility, speed, acceleration, stamina) and your ability to focus.
4. You learn how to manage violence acquire self confidence entertain, balance and renew yourself meet interesting people


What is the social profile of TODE Organization?
Solidarity between members and other social acts (Blood donation, charity and more) form another purpose, giving an extra meaning to the Organization's existence.
Also in the society we live, and particurarly in education there is a severe lack of spiritual and mental refinement. Personal training and example are the “way” of martial arts teaching, as we experience it. Our educational presence in Greek universities since 1998 (University of Macedonia, Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki and other) moves tow.

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